Respecting Players, Conflict Resolution and the Mod on Duty

Here you can read our forum-wide rules, guidelines to learning mafia and our game types, and unique Syndicate functions (such as the Moderator on Duty).
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Respecting Players, Conflict Resolution and the Mod on Duty


Post by MovingPictures07 » Wed Jan 27, 2016 1:36 pm

As noted in The Syndicate's Rules thread, at this site we strive to maintain a fun, engaging community of folks who love to host and play mafia. We recognize, however, that mafia is inherently a game of deception among friends, and as such can become emotionally heated and conflict can arise.

We have a standard at this site that players must respect one another, but sometimes in the heat of a game, you may not know how to adequately handle a conflict. It's okay; it happens to all of us. For this, we have designed and instituted the Moderator on Duty (Mod on Duty) function.

For every game that is run at this site, in addition to the game's host(s)/creator(s), there is a member of the moderation/administration team who opts from playing and helps arbitrate potential conflict between players in that game. That player is the Mod on Duty. They serve as a support structure to Hosts by assisting to ensure that the game runs smoothly and dealing with issues that arise. They also serve as a support structure to players by listening to their concerns and mediating personal conflict outside of the game thread, so that all players can still participate in the game as conflicts are dealt with behind the scenes. If you have any grievance about another player, the hosts, or literally anything involving the game, PM the Mod on Duty, and he or she will always be more than happy to assist!

If you wish to inquire about or voice feedback regarding this function, please visit the Moderator on Duty - An Open Discussion thread in The Lounge. A more detailed write-up regarding the Mod on Duty function can be found in that thread's opening (linked) post.

Thanks in advance for your commitment to respecting your fellow players. We take pride in our friendly culture here at The Syndicate, thanks to all of you players and hosts, so let's keep it that way!


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