Jenny Wren Crew Roster

We aim to misbehave! Join the crew of Jenny Wren in this sim set within the Firefly Universe.
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Jenny Wren Crew Roster


Post by Ellie » Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:02 pm

Active Crew Members

Captain: Eloise McKee, "Ellie"
First Mate: TBD
Pilot: Liam Owen Whelan, "Low"
Mechanic: Timothy Heart't, "Timmy"
Doctor: Ian Graham
Hired Gun: Christopher Lee Kitsune, "Kit"
Hired Gun: Theodore James, "Teddy"

Active Passengers

Fiona Fiacha

Dead/Inactive Characters
Shur'Anna, The Priestess - Companion (Inactive)
Arianna Arlington - Mechanic (Inactive)
JoLynne Elizabeth, "Jane" - Pilot (Dead)
Zain - Passenger (Inactive)

We are always open to new characters joining us, in order to do so please PM Ellie with your idea for the character and position you see them filling on the ship, be it passenger or crew member. Come play with us!