Parallel Universe Mafia

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Parallel Universe Mafia


Post by sprityo » Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:54 pm

Alright so to start off, this will require a good amount of players, might even consider this a special game if we can figure out a site to invite, or some special occasion etc

So as the title reads, this game will be centered, at least mechanically, around parallel universes, or in this instance, parallel games

This will be a closed setup, with role reveals upon any kind of death unless other actions prohibit such

Currently since this sounds like its gonna be pretty complicated, im looking for a co-host who would be willing to help out, the co-hosts biggest job will be hosting the parallel session.

the size im considering per session is 12 so a total of 24, and ill toss in a few indis maybe so between 24 and 26 players total.

Mechanics that the game will be structured around includes "swapping/switching dimensions, time travel, and alliances." i put that in quotes for mystery's sake

General mechanics will include my standard rules listed below, plus the specific ones i will add as development comes along:

1. Massclaims (Large numbers of players revealing their roles at once) is highly unadvised. Such claims will likely not help. It more so reduces chances of win for your faction.
2. Flavorclaiming will not save you and is also discouraged because meta.
3. All Player to Host communication regarding questions about the game, actions, etc should be done through Private Messaging.
4. Don't copy/paste information given by a Host. This is similar to role claiming.
5. Keep game-sensitive details inside the game.
6. Do Not edit or delete posts.
7. Death will grant you one spoilered "bluh" post, which may not contain game-relevant information.
8. Faking day activations is strictly forbidden and punishable by Host kill.
9. Refrain from ciphering or concealing posts. This includes writing in the same color as the background.
10. Please, this is a game. Take it easy, play to have fun, but play to win! We all want to have fun. Remember that.
11. Guarantees: This setup involves no cults, jesters, obliterators, BTSC spying, mod bastardry, alignment-changing, or game-ending third party win conditions.
12. If you are ever feeling overly flustered, frustrated, upset, etc. It is recommended that you close the window and take a break. (Ex. take a shower. get some water. get some fresh air) It's no fun to anyone when tensions are high and people get generally upset and end up making the wrong decision.

But to start off, i would love to get a co host and start working out the kinks and generating what should be in this game
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